Jan 22

Should New England Patriots Amend Gag Order?

The New England Patriots have done a good job of displaying professionalism with regards to the media. From top to bottom they do an excellent job of not creating billboard material for opposing teams. Likewise, they just go about their business and don’t respond to negative comments made by other teams about them.

Photo Credit: deadspin.com

Photo Credit: deadspin.com

It’s a shame the same can’t be said about the players wives. Does Bill Belichick need to extend his gag orders to include family members?

For the second year in a row a Patriots player’s wife executed poor taste in making post game comments following a devastating loss. This years culprit is the wife of last years victim. Sounds like the making of a reality TV show, (working title: “Really Dumb Comments by Patriots Wives”).

The latest sound bite, or rather Facebook Post, comes from Anna Burns Welker, wife of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. Following Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game she posted this on Facebook:

 “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”

Photo Credit :allbyhimself.com

Photo Credit :allbyhimself.com

Yikes! Way to show poor class in defeat. Let’s be clear, I’m not posting this to defend Ray Lewis. He certainly has the lawyers and money to defend himself. I’m also not about to defend the NFL’s Hall of Fame eligibility standards either. As we all know those standards are not written in stone, and subject to voter interpretation.

I will however, defend Anna Burns Welker’s freedom of speech, regardless of how ignorant that speech may be. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not standing up for her in defending that right. I’m defending that right in honor of all those who have fought and died, and all those who continue to fight, protecting that very right so many of us take for granted.

Now you may ask how I can call her comments ignorant when she was just taking the moral and ethical high ground while stating facts. Good question. Here’s my answer.

1. The comments were made after losing a game…a gameboohoo! Can anyone say sore loser! 

2. I can’t ever recall her taking the moral and ethical high ground with regards to Bill Belichick, his binoculars, and spy-gate.

3. I also can never recall her taking the moral and ethical high ground with regards to her husband’s former and current teammate Donte Stallworth. In April of 2009 Stallworth plead guilty to DUI Manslaughter after causing the death of a man while he was driving drunk. He spent a whopping 30 days in jail and then settled with the family to avoid a civil lawsuit.

4. I believe intelligent comments should discern the difference between acquittal and conviction. 

What’s most aggravating to me about these comments is they were written. First she had to think about them, then write them down, then proof read them, and finally post them. I guess even a Facebook Status can be posted while your feet rest firmly in your mouth.

To Anna Burns Welker’s credit she did issue an apology on Monday saying:

“I’m deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook, I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday’s game. It is such an accomplishment for any team to make it to the NFL playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the accomplishments of both of these amazing teams.”

Well, I guess that makes it alright then! Doesn’t it?